Saturday, April 28, 2012

Penticton Day 1-3: Be ready

Two weeks tomorow is Day 1 of the Penticton Week of "Shut Up Legs". Below I listed rides for the first three days; each of them is linked to the Map My Ride route. Take a look at each ride, see where we’re riding and get familiar with the distances and area. Keep in mind the distances on the maps are conservative, so add 10-20km to each one to accommodate the kilometres it takes us to ride through Penticton. All rides start at the parking lot at Denny's, which is attached to the Sandman Hotel.
Day 1, Sunday, May 13, Start: 9 a.m.

Day 2, Monday, May 14, Start: 7 a.m.
Day 3, Tuesday, May 15, Start: 7 a.m.
Days 4-7 coming soon. Remember to confirm your accommodations and get out riding over the next two weeks.


Anonymous said...

whoa! 570 km first 3 days. We're getting serious here.

Wendy said...

Does anyone have a list of websites to look at for trying to find a last minute condo for the holiday wknd in Penticton? I've looked at vrbo and googled some other stuff, but I'm only traveling with one friend and everything seems to be for 3+ bdrms. We're headed out there Thurs after work and will ride Fri-Mon before returning to Calgary.

If anyone else is interested in that time period and wants to go in on a condo with us, please let me know! Or if you just want company for riding Sun+Mon, we'll be doing rides < 180km.

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