Friday, April 13, 2012

Crankmasters ITT Sunday April 15

Attention all new STC members

It's time to get out on the road, test your fitness and have fun pushing your limits!

Details are on the crankmasters website.

I will be there ready to roll and help out any of you that have questions.

If you have a time trial bike...bring it and get into that aero position! Those of you riding your road bike will tough it out with me Merckx style.

Check out the link if you need to brush up on what an ITT is. Or you want to refresh yourself on what suffering really looks like!

This is the best event to do for a first timer. The Crankmasters are a swell group.

See you soon!


Thomas said...

Crankmasters always put on a great event. Make sure to utilize these races to practice, train, prepare, meet other like minded people and just have some good ol' fun. Indispensable resource.

Reinier Paauwe said...

Love the soundtrack to that Merckx video... that would make me want to ride faster too!

Jennifer Joss said...

I always have Klezmer music in my head when I race!

mdjoss said...

See you up there!

Harley Borlee said...

i'm in too. Anyone up for a hour long ride after the race????

Lelly Matthews said...

I will try to be there - have had a stomach bug all week but I am sure it is going away and I will be able to ride on Sunday. Should be a great event!

Anonymous said...

yes Harley, i will ride after

MattJ said...

Harley, I plan to ride afterwards too.

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