Monday, April 23, 2012

Penticton Bike Camp Update

We're less than three weeks away from Day 1 of Bike Camp in Penticton and the weather is looking great. Penticton temperatures are getting into the 20s this week so let's hope it keeps it up through May. Check out this link for an overview of the week- Penticton Bike Camp Overview.

I'll be posting the rides over the next two weeks. Generally, they'll stay the same as from past years. This year, we'll ride the Ironman course both clock-wise and counter clock-wise and we'll hit the US earlier in the week. The last day will be a shorter ride so we can actually enjoy the last night with everyone instead of everyone hanging out in a cycling coma because they just hammered 230km. That's not to say the last day won't be challenging, but there will be time for naps.

One more thing, if you plan to ride the US ride, bring your passport. DON'T FORGET YOUR PASSPORT. Don't leave it at home. Bring it. Here's the link for the Penticton Bare Bones Duathlon. Do it.

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