Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Doctrine Training: Oliver Training Camp

Team, I have been fielding a lot of questions as to the difference between the Oliver camp I am offering through The Doctrine Training (May 17th evening to May 22nd morning) and the traditional Penticton STC Training Camp (May 13th to 19th).

Usually I attend the entire STC training camp as a pure vacation and ride my brains out with all my friends. As my passion is for coaching and offering an immersed training experience to athletes, I have decided to split my time up this year. Instead of attending the entire STC training camp, I will be hosting a fully coached (for cyclists or multi-sport athletes), supported (follow cars!), accommodated (on the edge of a lake), and fed (chef prepared and wine) camp in Oliver from Thursday evening to Tues morning (over the long weekend). This will give me the opportunity to give 10 athletes a huge amount of individual, structured attention that will go a long way in their preparation for the season and the development of their hobby.

If you or if you think any of your friends are interested in the Oliver Camp, I have 2 spots left!

The long term forecast for Penticton is looking awesome!


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