Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Thursday Night Ride - Cancelled this week

Too much snow accumulating, see you guys on the weekend!


Harley and I have discussed this a few times and we want to propose a new riding starting location at the Bear's Paw Lion's Club for the Thursday rides. It gives us an opportunity to start in a safer location, without tricky parking lots and busy roads to start off.

We want to start at 6:30 still, just at the Bear's Paw location.

I'm excited to see the new riders tomorrow and I'm going out rain of shine.

Thanks everyone,

Slayer Dan


Unknown said...

Tuesday was great, see you tomorrow!

Meghan B said...

I'll be there!

inbeall said...

I'm new to the club. Look forward to meeting everyone. See you tonight.

Unknown said...

Unfortunately this weather and work combined has me missing tonight after all.

Meghan B said...

Sorry, I'm out as well.

Anonymous said...

weather stopped play see you next week
Jerry untley

Anonymous said...

What? I just switched to winter tires....

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