Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Colonel Sanders Effect

I read this training advice not that long ago; “If you want to ride faster…. ride faster.” It sounds a little simple, maybe even shallow but read it again… I’ll give you a second
I believe this little saying is some of the best advice I have had in years. Not that I’m an expert in any way, but the wisdom of this is brilliant. Read it again and ponder it another time. You can say Ohmmmm while you meditate on the depth and perspicacity of this statement.

I often ride with some neighbors and friends who are in similar shape than I. Not that I am a rocket by any stretch of the imagination, sometimes it just works out that you ride with others who have similar fitness. (I admit there is joy in crushing my friends when the opportunity permits)
I train hard, put in the hours, log the appropriate kilometers, sweat profusely, eat the required carb/protein/electrolyte crap and nothing improves.

I’m still in Cat 5….....’nuff said.

Last fall I began to ride above my ability; guys who are unquestionably faster than I am. It’s hard, really hard. And I am old, not really old but I feel old. I am getting faster. Not by lots, but by some which is great when you’re, well, old.

Example: Last Saturday I went for a ride with my brother (who I must point out is old.. really old. Even though he has nicer hair than I do), Trev, Physio Dave, Thomas and 10kg Peter (he claims to be 10kg overweight… as if).

When the first serious hill comes along, I am crushed, spit out the back like a piece of broccoli at an all you can eat pizza bar. I catch up. In a tactical error, I am dropped again. The next hill arrives and I am further off the back. I work hard, they ease off, I catch up. Over and over again until I am like a chicken entering a Colonel Sanders farm; my legs are ripped off before I’m completely slaughtered. It felt great!

So, read this simple yet sage advice; “If you want to Ride Faster… Ride Faster.” Take it or leave it but if you choose to accept it, get out there and get your legs ripped off. The “Colonel Sanders Effect" as it were.



Marcy Kimpton said...

Fantastic advice Tom!! I had a similar realization when I was riding with everyone in Victoria recently. I was told by a few good friends to ride in one gear harder than I want to.

I suggest the women throw in a few attacks every ride to add some fun to the suffering!

Jennifer Joss said...

I love this Tom!

As Marilyn knows, I'm a huge fan of a great coffee ride, but I have to admit that when my legs feel like they've been ripped off, I know that it has been a great day.

And Marcy - YOU are ON! :)


Carson said...

..... Cabin ride. You'll get popped out the back for sure.... but you'll push your limits each week.

Every Wednesday Top of Edworthy @ 6. This ride HAS a DROP policy!

cyclingphysio said...

I freakin love our team.

cyclingphysio said...

I freakin love our team.

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