Sunday, August 2, 2009


Trev and Kyle on airport road.

Wow, Speedtheory is tearing up the course right now.

After the bike Lisa Mensink is in 3rd. Tanya Salomon is in 13th.

Kyle Marcotte is sitting 10th after a solid 2'14 ride. Trev Williams tore up the bike with the fastest bike split of the day by almost a minute (2'09). And remember, this is after racing the COP hill climb last night at 8pm. I am looking forward to his leadout at the crit tonight.

Frank FFF Woolstencroft appears to have the fastest bike split in is age group by 11 minutes. Not too shabby.

No updates from me on the run. I assume the crew will write their races reports over the next few days.


Kyle Marcotte said...

Classic swim start. The race officials are telling us to be holding on to the start rope, to ensure a fair start. Everyone me around is serching for this start rope. In typical Trev fasion, he didn't hear the announcement. He is behind me and asking what they said. I tell him that we are supposed to be holding on to a start rope but I can't find it. Trev says "Oh... I'm sitting on it. I can't tread water that long." I'm breaking out in laughter just as the horn sounds to start the race.

Marilyn said...

Jared, you are totally on top of the reporting. Thanks. Really funny story Kyle. I was at the finish for two hours taking a couple of pictures of anyone wearing Speed Theory gear. I got there just in time to see a heavily beared man cross the finish. I almost missed hardcore Tanya because she had slightly different colors on her Speed Theory top. You are awesome T. Fast Frank ran by me in a blur and I am not sure my camera picks up speeds that high. I got a few pics of some ST dudes I don't even know. My camera is old fashioned so when I get them developed I will post them. I was inspired by everyone in the 70.3...but not enough to start swimming! Awesome effort. You people that are racing the Bowness races too are sick.

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