Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The broken quad and what's coming up.

Well, I didn't do it. I woke up Sunday morning and with one twitch of my leg, and a whimper from my mouth, I knew I wasn't contesting the road race. I stayed upstairs for quite sometime since I knew I wasn't decending without some pain. I went and watched the first half of the men's Cat 1/2 race and knew I would have been dropped faster than even the crit the night before so I was happy with my decision not to pin on my numbers. Hope all you guys had fun out there submerging yourselves into new pain territory on that long hill toward the finishline. I was really unhappy I had to miss it.

Now the focus for the club switches to the JayLap weekend. Preparation for the organization and for racing it too. I spent a bit of time on the volunteer commitment list this morning and will have it out soon.

Hope everyone had a great weekend of racing. Thanks to Mike Healy and Carson for taking so many cool pictures. After Road Provinicials, it is our turn to host a wicked event and the road season is all but over. Let's give people something to remember.


mgodfrey said...

Trev, it's a shame you didn't get to "close the deal" on the quad. Regardless amazing weekend! Congrats again a crushing the bike split at 70.3, Michael

Dennis said...

Trev, you were right about the Cat 1/2 RR "sprint" race. I was dropped at the hill climb before the end of the first lap and spent the next five laps riding alone wondering what just happened. It really felt like a 2 hour criterium complete with two hill climbs per lap. You know something is amiss when guys like Gideon end up in 17th place.

polishbaba said...

At least you tried- I ended up having beer instead of trying!

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