Sunday, August 16, 2009

Provincial Road Race Partial Wrap-Up.

Our Cat 1/2 team was out-gunned today except for Dallas who made a 3 man break that looked super promising until Robin Bailey decided he was totally awesome today! Wow.. what a performance. Congrats to Robin for a dominating victory! He won it with panache, the way we would all like to win. Like when Gilbert won Omloop Het Volk last year. H&R in general were pretty overpowering today. Good work guys, I got to see all the action on the hairpins!

Rick Courtenay laid it down today for a wicked 2nd place in Cat5.

Tanya was the aggressor in the womens field and whittled the pack down to just 4 girls. 3 A's and her, the only B. She duked it out in the sprint but couldn't match the experience the other women had on her. Very succesful day for her though. Kailee also did totally awesome! She solo'd in for 2nd in Women's B !! So we locked up 1st and 2nd in that division.

I am not sure about the other Cat's since I only saw brief glimpses of them but I am sure they will pipe up.

Next on the road calendar is our weekend! I am looking forward to it.

Jaya wanted to be put in the Prov Championship Mussette so I could take her on the next road race.


Tom K said...

Sad and Lonely
Condsidering my (lack of) training effort the past three weeks I was feeling pretty spunky at the start of the race. The pack was quite social and eased its way down to the first turn around where, for the most part, people were taking a turn at the front to beat up the evil wind. It was pretty luxurious in the middle of the pack as we approached the hills from the south. The pack start to mash its way up the hills and I was spit out the back like a bad fur ball. The 'Boost' I had pounded back just prior to the race wanted to leave my body the way it went in. The pack slowly inched its way from me whist I held down my cookies. Another fellow bridged up to me and in an enthusiastic voice said "let's work together and catch them" but I was already maxed out. The pack went down the big hill before I made the top and that was when I realize, I was going to be; Sad and Lonely. I recovered shortly after the turn around and put the body into steady eddie mode. I could see the pack dissintegrate on the big hill and I tried to gain ground but being out there, on your own, well you was... Sad and Lonely.

As always, a fun and learning experience for me. Next year.... look out! I'm-a-comin' up that hill after you!

Steve P said...

That hill sure gave us a good look at the rest of the pack spread out a km in front of us.

My experience of the race was similar to Tom's - even down to the lack of training. At one point after the hill a fellow ST dude lent me a wheel while he TT'd for a good 10k. Unfortunately my lack of brains led me into a ditch immediately after a corner. After picking some rocks out of my road-paper'd skin I jumped back on and attempted to TT the rest of it until Tom caught up (thanks for the wheel!).

Learned a lot this race - need more hill training, and need less ditches!

Darcy G said...

Unfortunately, I have more tales of woe and sorrow from the Cat 5 race. I was feeling pretty good coming up to the big hill when my chain dropped shifting from the big ring to the small ring as I was preparing to make my big move. It's my fault, as I was cross-chained anyway, but it was a bugger nonetheless. I couldn't get the chain to hop back on, so I had to dismount, put the chain on, and then try and chase like mad. It was me vs. the lead pack, on a downhill, with a tailwind. I was doomed...

Josh said...

Thanks to Joel from ST for giving me a spare tube after my second flat of the day in the Cat 4 race. I probably was in too much a rush changing the first one to clean it out properly. It got me to the finish.

Tom K said...

Not that I'm judging but simply making an observation, but is that RUBBER CHICKEN in Jayas crib? Not that there's anything wrong with that but normally one would see things like; teddy bears, soft fluffy puppies, maybe a furry lion or giraffe...that sort of thing.

DalRock said...

my leftover case of beer was jangling behind the seat. i was betting they would still be chilled when I returned to the car at Bighill, after the race. I stoked some Sepultura on the way out. And i was tempted to have one of the beers before the Start, but it was Sunday, so I opted for pre ride coffee instead, 1 litre. + Pancakes for breakfast.

The head wind was killer, asap!! no ?. I had no time to look back on the cross wind Max TT assault march North... but when I did look back, the pack was getting hurt early on. I was climbing well too and feeling freshy and glad the rain was holding out, so I stuck near the front, watching for good breaks. .
But i think everyone stayed for the first 35km.

After the first Killer KM Climb...
I had to do it the next 2 times only with Jeff Bolstad and Robin, we slayed it. But it slayed me too. After like 25km, Robin Baillee used our break/ launch as his Nuclear launch and me and J were left in his after burn, and so Robin therefore dropped the entire Race, solo ing to his eventual win.
Pulling away from us, Jeff and I had no chioce but to let the selection catch us as, I couldn't match Robin's TT. We needed Kyle and Carson.
I was hoping Trev was in the mix too, but he was solo Fubar in the chase back. his gay yellow vest ruining his style mojo. I thought " there's goes your chance with Sheryl Crow trev. "
The new ST vests are pro.

I saw Lochie and Dennis too going the other way ?, and Frank too after big a cross wind attack. but Where was I ?... messed up that's where. I took 3 power gels all at once...

I got dropped and had to ride the top of the last climb, + 30 km ish alone, chasing almost equal behind the death march pacer car with Heemer, Tichellar, Mrk McDonald. Wheels McNiel, and The B-Bunnin too. with Bolstad, dropping me too.

finishing 8th. awesome day.

Trev said...

Tom, I thought all little girls had a Rubber Chicken as their favourite snuggle toy. I am a first time parent and it is hard for me to know all the answers.


Scott G-C said...


No problems there, my daughters best friend from 16-24 months was a finger puppet she called "Jebus" and would run around the house screaming "Jebus where are you", and she would ask everyone if they had seen "Jebus".

So a rubber chicken sounds about right to me.


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