Sunday, August 30, 2009

Marcotte 7th overall

For those of you who didn't see the result, Marcotte had a solid day in Penticton using his solid bike/run to finish 7th overall. Awesome.

MARCOTTE, KYLE 27/11/7 32/MPRO 00:54:29 04:47:47 03:11:17 08:58:34


Dennis said...

Geez, that's an incredible result!

That's 7th out of 42 male pro-category and 2733 age-category participants!

Anonymous said...

The bike leg was like a 180 km Pigeon Lake Road Race. Back in the age group ranks with 2700 sketchy bike handlers in tight packs. The penalty tents were empty, there was never a chance to see 50 M up the road. The marshals just gave up. They should never have allowed so many people.

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