Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Veggies are ready!!!

After two weekends of narrowly escaping hail storms and high winds (my parent's garden 1/4 mile away was leveled) ... I finally have some veggies ready. As I previously posted the veggies are pretty much organic and have not been sprayed with pesticide or herbicide. I will be out at the farm on Friday doing some work so if anyone wants me to bring you some veggies on Saturday to the JayLap let me know.

Here are the price points:

Baby Potatoes (mixture of varieties) - 2 lb bag - $5.00
Dill - small bag - $2.00
Carrots - one bunch - $3.50
Beets - 5 or 6 small to medium beets - $3.50
Green Onions - A big bunch - $1.00 (may have a little bit of hail damage, but that is why I am making big bunches)

I am not sure if I will have a lot of beets or carrots ready, but I will bring what I can.

A few people had expressed interest in coming out and picking their own veggies. I am cool with that and will be spending a lot of time out at the farm over the next month as I will be harvesting, cleaning and packaging the veggies for market.

Drop me an email at markshand@shaw.ca if you want me to bring you some fresh veggies this weekend or if you want to make arrangements to come out to get some.

See you all this weekend!


Clarke E said...

Hey Mark, I'd like some carrots and a bag of potatoes. Not sure how many carrots...

Tom K said...

We're in for some potatoes, carrots an beets.

Trev said...

2 bags of potatoes and a bunch of green onions and a bunch of carrots.

Thanks dude !!


Kelly said...

I'll take a bunch of green onions!

PeterV said...

Beets, one bunch of carrots, and a bag of potatoes. Thanks!


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