Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bowcycle Prizes!

Darryl Parry

Carl Miller

Jonathon Lukacs aka Handsome Rob

Rick Courtney

The fine folks at Bow Cycle have GCs for you to pick up at their store. Way to go!


Tom K said...

I was hoping to hear some banter about the road race on the blog. Sorry I couldn't make it. I was too sick to make it.

Darryl said...

Well isn't that just awesome. I wonder if it's a brand new S3? Schwag! I got schwag!

Darryl said...

Banter. Hmm. We let some folks go up the road on lap 5 then spent 3 laps thinking about chasing them down and one lap doing something about it. I attacked our group of 6 on the last hill and succeeded in dragging one of the Niklas fellas to within 300 metres of the finish when he decided he'd take a 300 m pull. I was cross-eyed at the time so I'm not a thoroughly reliable witness. It were still great fun. Maybe I'll have some tactical finesse for my second road race.

Rick C said...

You won $80 Darryl. So since you skipped the crit, you made money!

Results here: http://www.albertabicycle.ab.ca/results-road

Darcy G said...

Yep, the RR didn't go as planned. Thanks to all the guys for the great drafts all race, but when the chase started I couldn't hang on. Sorry for letting y'all down! However, 5th through 8th ain't too shabby for the team.

Gosh, that course had about 400 metres of flat for the whole lap. Ouch...

Anonymous said...

I learned two valuable lessons at the RR on Monday: 1) pay attention to who's up the road... I thought that our group of 6 (with 4 STers!) was the lead group. 2) learn to sprint. That final 500m was NOT pretty by me. haha

Thanks to all STers for the super fun race - good times!

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