Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Quad.

Sitting here at midnight, 3 races into 'The Quad', my heart feels bruised and my knees are aching, I wonder if it is possible. Sure I only lasted 2 laps plus the neutral in the Crit today, but I started it and really tried. Watching the awesome pace of the Crit that I barely lasted the neutral lap from the sidelines, I was totally awed by the speed. It was sure a show! Congrats to Jared and Keith for making it to the pack finish and Lachlan and Carson for being in the mix for as long as they did. It truely was fantastic watching on 'Crash Corner'.

Congrats to Mark Macdonald of H&R for taking a dominating sprint win. He made it look easy, which it most definitely was not.

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Dennis said...

One of my goals was to actually finish a Cat 1/2 crit without getting lapped... at least you had a good excuse!

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