Thursday, August 20, 2009

Jason Lapierre Memorial Cycling Weekend

Technical guide here.

Registration here.


Westjet is donating a flight for a silent auction in the Jason Lapierre Tent with proceeds going to the scholarship fund! Thank you Westjet !!


Speed Theory is donating a pair of Rudy Projects for a prime !
Niklas Group is donating a weekend in Canmore for the 'Most Exciting Rider' for the weekend.
Useful and awesome crit primes are being donated by PeakPower, Motion Chiropractic, and Taylor Made Pilates !!


Thomas said...

This race is going to rule!!

DalRock said...

Ys, I'm stoked.

Sean Carter said...

sounds incredible! rip it up fellas!

Dennis said...

Trev suggested a motorcycle could take TdF-style video coverage of the RR on Sunday. I guess a helicopter is out of our budget? Anyways, I could pilot the motorcycle if someone is interested in taking video footage. Preferably someone with a good camera that has image stabilization technology, is good at hand signaling the pilot, doesn't weight too much and won't fidget while on the bike. You also need a medium-sized head or smaller (that's the size of my spare helmet).

Let me know if there is any interest...

Lockie said...

I've got a largeish motorcycle helmet that the vid-dude or -gal is welcome to borrow.

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