Sunday, August 23, 2009

Speed Theory coverage on CTV and more photos

I just saw Kyle's interview on CTV/CFCN. The segment was a couple of minutes long and had good footage of the various categories and some ST and H&R Block riders. Great stuff!

Now if I had only taped it... hopefully it will be on the evening version or their website.

You can always relay on Bill Quinney taking great shots, they are here.

Mark Kay (Heather Kay's husband) took some great shots over the weekend. They are here.

Photos from Bill Hodgetts are here.

Also, Phil Pickett was taking shots and his sets are locted two posts down.

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Kyle Marcotte said...

If I had known that I was going to do the interview, I would have shaved. Trev was supposed to do the interview, but it was literally done seconds before the start of the Cat 1/2 road race, and Trev had to be on the start line as he was racing.

Thanks Bob for lending me the ST vest.

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