Thursday, August 27, 2009

Masters Provincials

So, who is in for Masters Provincials this weekend?

There is still a critical need for volunteers, anyone that can help will be given free sunscreen and a burger. And no, the burger will not be delivered 'Keith-Style' nor will it be thrown down by Dallas, aka BurgerKing, as a precursor to a leg busting attack.

Masters A: Jared, Dallas, Trev, Dennis, Harley
Masters B: Darryl, Paul R., Keith, Larry


Trev said...

I'm in for Masters A


Steve P said...

I'm in - for Volunteering! (legs are still wrecked from the ST weekend!)

Harley Borlee said...

I'm doing Master A as well.


Dennis said...

My last race as Masters A. I never thought I would look forward to turning 40.

Darryl said...

Masters B. Looking around to see if there are any other Speed Theory jerseys at the start line.

Rick C said...

Master C - takin it slow. There are quite a few of us "experienced, mature" types if we aren't too tired to show up. I need a nap.

Larry Welsh said...

Masters B

mgodfrey said...

I'll be doing Masters C

Michael G

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