Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lost Helmet

Did anyone pick up a red and white Bell helmet at the hill climb? We were all rushing to put our gear away when the big wind came up and I'm wondering if anyone grabbed my helmet by mistake.


Dennis said...

When I went back to my car after the Cat 1/2 HC was finished I saw a red/white helmet on the ground by the picnic table where all the ST stuff was before... I should have picked it up but thought someone was coming back to get it :(

DalRock said...

It's at bow cycle I think. I remember somebody bringing a red n black one up to me, saying they found it ?... it got thrown in the truck. You might be able to ask at the store ?.

Bow Cycle said...

I have it in my office at Bow.
Bob G.

Relentless said...

ok thanks for that everyone

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