Friday, August 28, 2009

Spin Class update.

Well, that was an amazing response to the M/W option. It makes me feel great that the work I put into designing and teaching these classes is so well received.

I just recently found out I got a position as a Sessional Instructor at the University for the Fall/Spring. This is good news, however, my dream of having a tight little group of 10 athletes that I can really spend extra time on doesn't seem doable right now. Therefore, I have switched the Tues/Sun class into a duplicate of the Mon/Wed class, just with different times. Here is the link. The M/W class sold out in two days, I expect this one to take longer, but there has been a big response from the non-team-member cycling community.

Thanks guys.


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alejandro H said...

hey trev both classes have sold out before i even knew about them!! anyways can you squeeze one more in? Hopefully yours Alejandro

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