Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Technical Guide up !!

OK, Carson just finished formatting the technical guide and it is up and running and looking good.

Thomas and I will now work on compiling and populating a volunteer list. Thank you everyone for directly contacting me so far about volunteering. I really appreciate it and makes me know hosting this event was a great decision.

Also, apparently the Round 3 of clothing was shipped on Aug 10th, so we should be seeing that soon.

Also, Darryl just dropped off one of the club's MEDIUM SKINSUITs to the store... anyone want it for the Prov ITT ?


Darryl said...

Actually, Darryl didn't just drop the skinsuit off. He will at the earliest opportunity.

Darryl said...

All right. The lovely and talented Pam (tlatP) will drop off the skinsuit Thursday ~1600. If you want it before then, let me know and I'll try to arrange to get it to you.
You WANT to wear the suit. It will make you faaaaast.

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