Monday, August 24, 2009

Midweek Mayhem Crits Cancelled

FYI, from the Midweek Mayhem website:

"Due to some serious concerns passed along to us by Shell (the owners of the building/parking lot at the Research Park that we stage the Crit series out of) about some incidents on the road in recent weeks and throughout this season, we have been forced to take the step of canceling the remainder of the 2009 Midweek Mayhem Crit season.

"Participants are reminded that our races are run on open roads. Participants have also been reminded throughout the season that when catching up to vehicles from behind, racing should be neutralized until the vehicle has cleared the course. Under no circumstances is it permissible to engage in ANY kind of confrontational and/or abusive behaviour towards drivers on the course."

I hope this doesn't put future use of this course in jeopardy. Keith, Dallas, Brent, Noel and the rest of the Midweek crew work hard to put on the races every Tuesday, and it would be a shame to see a great midweek race series come to an end, even though I suck at crits, as Keith reminds me every week...


RobLukacs said...

That's too bad. After my performance in the crit last weekend I could use a few more to redeem myself.

DalRock said...

Cabin Cafe tomorrow night/ Wed. Group Jam, not so much a Cabin Jam, but more social.
everybody welcome. Possibly to Bragg or Cochrane. 6pm/

RobLukacs said...

Where's the meeting spot?

RobLukacs said...

Nevermind, it's under control. I'll be there.

M said...

That's really too bad. I had so much fun with the crit this summer, it totally help build my confidence with cycling.


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