Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cross Bike Skills?

Would any of our uber cyclocross riders be interested in leading a "learn how to cyclecross" clinic?


DalRock said...

i know Hooper bought a wicked cross bike from Matt Toullouse last year, and Harley does cross too. And Sandra, and Frank also( killer off-roader )
Myself, I have two seasons now, it's awesome, and the bikes are a lot cheaper. $800 -1250 $ for soemthing decent.

but Keith comes to mind for anybody I know for coaching.

Tuesday night cross is the best. Keep tabs on the MidweekMayhem site.

Fausto said...

See the training ride forum.
I posted a ride titled "The Pain Starts Here"

Scott G-C said...

I would be up for some of this, I might no be an expert cross racer, but I have been MTBing for 20 years now, so I can help with bike handling skill.

Scott G-C said...

You should checkout the training form, Keith has set something up in there.

Anonymous said...

Dallas is correct, I have a pretty kick ass cross bike. Unfortunately, in true triathlete fashion, I have no idea how to ride it... That said I am definitely looking forward to learning!

Here's a good starter article...


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