Friday, August 7, 2009

Remember Crazy Larry?

You only had to put up with him for a half minute. For me it was a little longer. I have sent photos to many of you but I don't have email addresses for Joel, Harlee, Mike Hoang, Rick Courtney, Darcy Gullacher and I have good shots of each of you. Matt and Perry L. sorry no photos of you.

Please send me an email at mikehealy at shaw dot ca or in a comment here and I will fire off the photos.


Harley Borlee said...

Hey Mike, my email is Looking for ward to seeing some of these picts! Thanks again.

And yes i remember crazy Larry, he ROCKS!!! Fans like him are very much needed in Alberta!! They are every where in B.C.


Rick C said...

He was at 24 Hours too. Made me smile every lap in the Crit.

Mark said...

Crazy Larry is the bomb ... I have never laughed so hard during a race!

Lockie said...

Crazy Larry moved the cones on the last corner before the big hill every time a pack came around, so we didn't have to scrub so much speed before the agonizing ascent...all the while cheering like a maniac. What a champ! Totally helped me suffer like a pro!

Mike said...

Hi Mike! My email is

Thanks again.

Joel said...

thx Mike.

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