Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Clothing Exchange Post.

Here is the post that members can use to swap NEW gear that they ordered from Round 1 and it didn't quite fit. We will assume all gear is 'As New' and you just tried it on and then took it off and put it aside.

Make sure to write down the exact product description on the tag as there are about 15 different types of 'jersey'. For example, write: Small Short-Sleeve Race-Cut Full-Zip Jersey.

Note: clarify Bibs or Shorts.

We are in the process of requesting some sort of refund/discount/credit for the women's performance chamois shorts. So we will deal with this issue separately. Hopefully Champion Systems will be receptive to our requests on this.

So here is how to post in the comments:

Gear for sale. OR Gear Wanted.

For example:

Trev Williams
Small Cycling Shorts, Performance Chamois.


waydebymoen said...

Men's Medium STC Team Tri Shorts and STC Team Bib shorts for sale or exchange. The medium Tri Shorts and Bib shorts were too big for me. They have never been used.

I can be reached at 403-663-1242



Eric said...

Eric Wen (403) 991-7868
Men's Race Cut Full Zip Jersey Large for exchange.

If anyone has a medium race cut jersey they would like to sell or exchange, please let me know. Thanks!

Eric said...

Eric Wen
Medium Arm Warmers wanted

Darren said...

I want to sell the jersey and bib shorts I ordered; both do not fit. The jersey is a size large, full zipper, and short sleeve. The bib shorts are size large.

Ferenc said...

Darren, I'm interested though the sizes may not fit me, have to try. E-mail: fjacso@gmail.com

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