Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Velocity Race Weekend

Hey team,

Who's in for the Velocity race in 2 weeks. I have never done the race and am very excited to go up. It would be great to know how many Speed Theory dudes and dudettes are heading up to race.

Please post your race intentions.

I'm in for CAT 4 and I am planning on racing all 3 races. Don't forget to register !!

Hope to see lots out there,

Slayer Dan


Anonymous said...

Tom Cat 5 RR, TT, one or two laps of the crit.

Lelly Matthews said...

Unfortunately, I won't be able to make it to Edmonton that weekend for the races. Good luck ST racers!

RobWoolley said...

I'm in. Cat 5, all events.

Jason said...

I'm in... Cat3, all events.

Happy riding!


Dennis said...

Cat2, all events.

Jason said...

For those that are going up, where are you staying? Larry and I are planning on staying in Ft. Sask (hotel to be booked). It would be good if we could all stay close by.

Happy riding!

Jason Cat3

RL said...

How does it work with the stage races if we don't race all events? Does it matter? (I'm not on the ST team but I follow the team blog, and I live down the street and often come by the store).

JayR said...

I am in Cat 5 for the entire 3 event stage race. Any plans yet on accommodation?

Steve Waters said...

I'm in. Cat 5. Plan to stay in Ft. Sask.

cyclingphysio said...

I'm in with the cat 4's, all 3 events, with a podium spot for the crit baby!!!

Dave H

(Staying in Edmonton)

Dennis said...

To answer RL's question, you need to *start* a stage in order to proceed to the next stage. If you don't register or show up for the ITT you can't do the CR and RR. If you do the ITT but end up getting lapped in the CR, you can still do the RR on Sunday because you started the CR stage (you don't have to finish it - lapped riders in the CR will be given a calculated time for the GC).

I'll be staying with my folks in West Edmonton - yea not exactly close to the race course.

Anonymous said...

Does someone want to make the call on the hotel?
Holiday Inn $135/night
Super 8 $138/night
Park Avenue $149/night

Basically they are all the same plus or minus

Anonymous said...

Alan and I are booked in at the Musgraves Inn.
$125.00/night (with AMA). Looks ok and is close to the Tims.

Anonymous said...

I have room for one more person and two bikes. Alan and I are leaveing Friday at 6:00pm if you want to car pool.


JayR said...

Tom; If you still have room I would be interested in car pooling with you and Alan. We can talk Wed. night.

Jason said...

Larry and I are staying at the Hampton in Ft Sask. $135/night right behind the Tims.

See you guys in Ft. Sask!

Jason Cat3

running_on_ice said...

The original post says "two weeks" but the Velocity site says this weekend. I'm hoping it's this weekend. I signed up. Cat 5. First race. Will be staying with friends in Edmonton, but would love to do a pre race meal/strategy in Ft Sask.


Simon said...

I'm there, look forward to seeing everyone.


Jason said...

Brice - the race is this weekend May 14/15. The post is the original from Dan a couple weeks ago and re-posted.

Happy riding!

Jason Cat3

Brent said...

Can make it to this one


Charles said...

Ill be there

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