Monday, May 30, 2011

WNS and Alberta 55+ Qualifier Call for Volunteers

We are co-hosting both races this Wednesday. I will need a few volunteers, particularly for timing as this is a qualifier event for the games. I will need our stop watches etc. plus a few people.

The regular WNS TT will proceed at the usual time of 6:30 PM. Registration for the Alberta Games qualifier will start at 6:30 PM and racers will go at 7 PM.

Parking options are at the intersection of 549 and 762 on the gravel road only; Millarville and ride the 10 k west on 549 as a warm up or be hard core and ride from Bragg Creek or Calgary. If Mike G can ride up Anarchist with deep dish front, disc on the rear and TT helmet, you can ride from Calgary. The 10k TT will be over before you know it, particularly if we get a west wind so a good warm up will help. Please comment if you can help.


Karel said...

Do the participants who are there for the WNS race, and not trying to qualify for the 55+ games need to have UCI compliant bikes? Specifically, I have a P2 which doesn't have the 3:1 seatpost.

Trev said...

Karel, the WNS is set up so people can hammer regardless of little technical rules like that. If you are there for WNS, just get on whatever you have that is safe and ride as fast as you can!


RobWoolley said...

I can help that evening

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