Thursday, May 5, 2011

Penticton Camp – Start packing

Day 1 of the training camp is on Sunday, May 15, which is 10 sleeps from now. It’s going to come up pretty quick so make sure you have your gear in order. As far as clothes are concerned, bring every piece of cycling clothing you have. The temperatures will probably range from 10-25 degrees so bring layers: arm warmers, leg warmers, lots of jerseys and (bib)shorts. You’re riding for seven days. It won’t take long before your clothes begin to smell like sun block and other things. We’ll most definitely get caught in the rain so be prepared. Bring fleece gloves, if only to wear them on the Apex hill descent and possibly Mt Baldy.

Bring lots of sun block. Make sure you have at least two water bottles filled with more than just water. I drink a carbo/electrolyte blend and carry a third water bottle of the stuff in my jersey for the long rides. Bring food. Like real food- sandwiches, wraps, left over pizza, donuts, beef jerky- in addition to energy bars and gels. We’ll be riding over lunch for most of the rides so make sure to pack one. Energy bars and gels begin to taste pretty bland after a few days, plus we’re not living on MIR.

Bring bike gear. Make sure you have the means to change a tire like extra tubes, CO2 cartridges and dispenser (know how to use it), and tire levers. Bring a portable pump if that’s your fancy. Make sure you can change a tire. As a rule of thumb, I bring enough tubes and CO2 to get me through one flat tire per day, which ends up being more than enough. Get a mini bike tool kit just in case something needs tightening. You may also want to clean your bike once or twice while you’re there. Bring that stuff too. There is a decent bike shop in Penticton, but everything is cheaper in Calgary.

I’ll post a recap of all the rides next week with dates and links to the routes plus start times for each day. In the meantime, get on your bike this weekend and start piling your gear for the Penticton trip. REMEMBER YOUR PASSPORT!

(so help me, if I forget my $%&@#!’n passport…)

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