Thursday, May 26, 2011

TnT Duckie Ride


I'm still heading out tonight, I really need the fresh air and exercise. If anyone else wants to join, I am heading out at 6:30. I'm going to do some loops around the Woodland area to get some hill sprints in.




DarcyG said...

Knock yourself out, Dan. When Garmin-Cervelo comes knocking at my door, I'll gladly ride under a heavy rainfall warning. Until then, I'll stay inside, stay dry, and avoid catching a cold. =) =)

Dan Sigouin said...


I am protected from colds and other spring maladies with the amount of alcohol running in my blood.

I got the call from Katusha, they are meeting me at Walmart.

My stuff is soaked already so might as well ride outside, shoes aren't getting any drier!!

kingstrup said...


Heading out to Victoria to do the Gran Fondo. I heard that your favorite Canuck Alumni will be riding. Should I say high or stick a pump in his front wheel?

Cheers, Keith

Jennifer Joss said...

Hey Keith, We'll look for you in Victoria. Let's hope for some drier weather. -Jennifer and Matt

Dan Sigouin said...


Give my best to the most gentlemenly player ever. My fan club and booster club are cheering them all the way to Lord Stanley. I can't get my bike in the house with all my posters and other Nuck propoganda.


Have a good race in Victoria, sounds awesome!

kingstrup said...

Matt and Jenn,

I will have a STC jersey on. Will watch for you guys also. I may be the one taking a beating from a Retired Vancouver Canuck in the start area, so pretty easy to find. And yes, some better weather would be appreciated.

Cheers, Keith

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