Tuesday, May 31, 2011

TnT #7 - Skills and Drills

This Thursday I would like to go over a new skill that I have been reading about that people can use in training and racing. For this to work, I need more people to show up then last week.

What I think would be fun to practice this week is called "Drifting." Drifting is a skill that is used on hill climbs for bigger dudes and non-climbers. We can go over the details on Thursday in the parking lot, unless people want to discuss it via the comments section. I think for this to work, we should change our meeting time to 6:30 at Walmart. We have more then enough daylite hours now.

The route will be Walmart-Church Ranches-Retreat Road-Lochend Road (hill climb #1)-Big Hill Springs Road-Bears Paw Road (hill climb #2)-Burma Road-Church Ranches.

Here is maplink http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/35963418.

I look forward to seeing some comments and lots of people showing up.

Just wanted to add one thing to the post. In the early spring, we saw at least 20 girls at the "Intro-Tactics-Lakeview is Great-Tom is Awesome at PowerPoint-Dan talked way too much" session. In the 6 rides we have had, there has been 3 girls total show up. Come on ladies, get your gear ready, put it in the car and plan to show up. It is scientifically proven that riding in a group will improve group riding skills. It is also proven that riding up hills on your bike will get you to the top of that hill, on your bike.

This is your perfect chance to show us your climbing legs and beat the boys up two small little bumps in the road.

The other reason I want the ladies to show up is that I have spent so much time riding with Harley, I called my wife Harley, she wasn't impressed.



David B said...

I'm in.

Harley Borlee said...

i'm in.

Robert said...

Love to be there but in Montreal

kingstrup said...

I'm in

Simon said...

Unfortunately I can't make it this week.

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