Friday, May 20, 2011

Penticton Day 6: GIANT’S HEAD!!!!!

It was a great, relaxing, fun riding day. It was a good day to get us ready and rested for Day 7 when we head south of the border for a big 226km ride. Giant’s Head was fun. Everyone made it up to the top and then regrouped at the bottom before splitting off and heading to various destinations. Most of the group headed out behind Summerland to the Scout camp and the rest of us headed to the coffee shop before riding back to Penticton. It was a short day for most of us, but tomorrow will more than make up for it. The coffee was great.

A bunch of us went out for dinner tonight and it turns out the group that went to the Scout Camp did Giant’s Head a second time on the way back. Way to go peeps. After the big day tomorrow (we meet at 7 a.m. to begin the ride), Mike G and Darcy are hosting a BBQ at their place. I hope everyone can show up. Mike G. will post directions and the details here a little later.

That’s all I got today. It was short, sunny and lots of fun to hang out on vacation on Penticton.

The Summerland sprint from the view of the lead out bike between Thomas and Harley.

Here is Harley just starting the 2.7km Giant's Head crazy climb.

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DarcyG said...

Here's the directions to our place. Remember, it's cool to ride to the BBQ...

- Go south on Main Street and turn onto South Main Street. Keep going south.
- Turn onto Crescent Hill Road (there's a blue sign for Morgan's Spa at the turn). Ride uphill for 600(ish) metres. The first pitch is 18%, the last pitch is 18%.
- Turn right at the top onto Valleyview Road and keep climbing. Yes, we know it's steep: we ride it everyday.
- Our place is 4000 Valleyview Road. Get up a good head of steam before making the left-hand turn: the driveway tops out at 19%.

Bonus points to anyone who big rings the whole thing.

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