Sunday, May 1, 2011

Clothing. Where to pick it up and when.

Well I had a great turn out for help with the clothes sorting. It is great to be part of this club.

It took about 10 people a solid 2.5 hours to get the sorting done and now everyone's clothes are contained in their own bag with their name on it!

I plan on getting the clothing down to Speed Theory Calgary by Tues afternoon. So you should be able to start picking the clothing up by WEDNESDAY during STORE HOURS.

We really tried to make sure there were no mistakes, however I am sure it has happened. When you have the massive amount of selection and quantity that our club had, mistakes happen.

First off: Remember this was all done by volunteers. Your teammates.

Second: Post a comment here if there is a problem with your order. But ONLY if you got something you shouldn't have or you didn't get something you should have. You have 2 weeks before it is 'forever hold your peace' on the clothes.

Third: We will make a SEPARATE post, a 'clothes swap' post, for those who missed the mark on the sizes and are looking to change with fellow teammates which may have missed their size the other way.

Fourth: If you are new to the club or want more wicked kit since it is even better than we all imagined (thanks Thomas !!), we will be making a second clothing order run as soon as this one blows over. So soon.

Thanks again everyone for making that as painless as possible and making the Team BBQ so much fun! Next BBQ will just be for hanging out, eating, and telling cool race stories.... !!



Thomas said...

Big thanks to the sorting crew. That was a ton of work.

S said...

First off - Massive THANKS to Thomas and all those who helped with the order, much appreciated to have good gear.

Second - I'm missing 1 set of bib shorts size big (XXL) if you have them please let me know. Cheers! Scott M

Lelly Matthews said...

The clothing looks awesome - thanks to Trev and Thomas and anyone else who was involved in the design and ordering process. Next question - when can we order more stuff???

AnnaR said...

Thanks to everyone who helped with the order and sorting! And it looks awesome- I've already tried it on!

I am still missing a women's jacket- a heavy weight fleece light jersey- in size L. If you have the wrong size- let me know! Thanks!

Mark said...

Love my new kit! Thanks so much to everyone involved, especially Thomas and Trev. I now feel like a superhero in all that flashy spandex! Villains beware...
frum Marie

Dennis said...

Thanks Thomas, Trev and the sorting crew for a great job. The new look is awesome - makes my skinny thighs look bigger. :)

I ordered some Size Small summer gloves, and although the packaging label said Size Small, there were actually Size Medium gloves inside. Did anybody get size Small gloves by mistake?

MelodyS said...

I agree, the kit looks awesome! Did anyone happen to get a Women's size L vest in their package? That's what I'm missing.

kingstrup said...

EXCHANGE NEW CLOTHING: New large mens bib (endurance chamois) FOR new medium mens bib (endurance chamois). Looks Trev's early morning spin class did the trick.

Cheers, Keith

Dan Sigouin said...

Everything looks great.

I ordered the leg warmers and they both have an L on them, does that mean they are both "Left Leg" Does anyone have an extra R leg warmer?


Slayer Dan

Dennis said...

I finally opened up my "Tech men Short sleeve Jersey Race Cut - full zipper size small" package...

and it had a LONG SLEEVE Jersey inside.

I seem to be having bad luck with mislabelled packages. Anyone get a short sleeve jersey by mistake?

Emilie said...

Dennis did it have a women's long sleeve in there? ;)

I am looking for a W XL Long Sleeve Jersey.... I got a short sleeve instead.


Peter McCrory said...

Heh Trev, Keep me in mind for any left overs. It would be great if I could get some kit from what is left.

If not can you give us a heads up when the next order is going in?

Much appreciated.

SimonF said...

Anyone have a set of fleece leg warmers, size small that you didn't order? If so please let me know and I'll arrange to pick them up.


Simon said...

Thanks for your work with the clothing order everyone.

I was given a large women's vest (Melody I think this may be yours) and a large women's fleece light jacket (Anna I think this may be yours) instead of the medium men's vest and medium Men's fleece light jacket I ordered, has anyone got any of those?

Simon S

Dennis said...

Hi Emilie:

I got a size small long sleeve jersey instead of the short sleeve version described on the wrapper label. I can't tell if the actual jersey is a men's or women's but I'm guessing it's a mens.

Trev said...

Simon !! I have the other jackets for you !!

Email me at the team's email and we cna do the exchange and get Melody and Anna's gear and get you yours !!


Jason B said...

Thanks to all involved with the huge clothing order. I was wondering if anyone received a men's medium club cut ss jersey instead of a medium race cut ss jersey? I have the race cut and need the club cut.

Thomas said...

@Jason - I sent you an email re: club cut jersey.

Lelly Matthews said...

Is there another clothing order that closes today?

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