Monday, May 30, 2011

Pigeon Lake Road Race Results

Some nice results for STC racers this weekend at the Pigeon Lake Road Race:

Trev - 4th Cat 1/2
Erin - 3rd Women B
Laura - 7th Women B
Ferenc - 6th Cat 5

Great job to everyone who came out to race.



craigm13 said...

Great job Trev, looks like all your riding and spinning is really paying off. I am happy to see you rewarding from all the hard work you have put into helping others to become stronger cyclists.

cyclingphysio said...

way to go everyone!!

Anonymous said...

Dave.. turn right!

sorry, couldn't resist.

For those who don't know, Dave was on a solo break with a couple of minutes on the group when the motorcycles took him left instead of right for what I gather was 15k or so.

Darcy G said...

And a shout out to Fast Legs Frank W., who was 7th overall in the Calgary half-marathon on Sunday.

Trev said...

Frank ran a 1 hour 12 minute 26 second 21.1km event. To put that into perspective that is 2 X 34:20 10km's back to back with a 1.1km dessert in 3:44.

Dude.. that is a HUGE accomplishment.



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