Wednesday, May 4, 2011

TnT 3 - Train Reminder

TnT Gang,

We might have some tired legs in the group tomorrow night. There has been lots of chatter via email about the WNS Time Trial tonight and the big guns are going to take no mercy on each other. Darcy is talking some serious smack about his new found speed. Sounds like just has to take off his snow suit and should see some time gains. Thomas is also "poking the grizzly" with his Big John comments. I think Thomas's times would be faster if he wasn't dragging Big John with him around the course.

Anyways, Harley and I are planning a paceline ride to Cochrane and back on Thursday. All that plan on coming out will have to take a pull at the front. The purpose of this ride is to ready a steady Freddy paceline all the way with people pulling, rotating through and learning to draft. The pace will be a determined by the group, and we will decide if we will have neutral sections where we pick people up that get dropped.

Why is this important:
1. Practice drafting.
2. Realization of efficiency gains.
3. It looks really frickin cool on the highway
4. Bike handling.
5. Contributing when it is your turn.
6. Comfort in a group.

Some points to rememeber:
1. If the road is going downhill, let me take the pull, I weigh more then almost anyone on the team and you might as well take advantage of elemental physics.
2. If it is your turn to lead, by no means ever do you sit up, stretch, take a drink, pick your nose.
3. If your turn is over, don't be a hero, flick your elbow and move over.
4. Take your drink or nutrition when you are well back in the paceline.
5. Check over your shoulder once in awhile when you are in the lead to make sure you are not gapping the group. If you gap the group, you are sending a strong message that you are super strong and want to solo away. The group will then let you suffer in the wind for most of the ride and blow past you at the finish, and then proceed to mock you and remind you of your UnCancellara abilities.

See you tomorrow night at 6:45
Slayer Dan


David B said...

I will be there. I am doing the race tonight as well.

Robert said...

I am so bagged Dan, can I draft you the whole way tonight and tomorrow....?

Darcy G said...

I'm sitting this one out. Need to pack and prep for the Moose Jaw races. Have fun everyone!

Peter McCrory said...

Where is the meeting point for the start? I would be keen to come along.

Thomas said...

@Peter - Please refer to the TNT - "Thursday Night Training" link under the banner image at the top of the site for all ride details.

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