Monday, May 30, 2011

Swift Current Cyclinc Classic: June 4-5

Morning all,

So, with Pigeon Lake RR behind us, and nothing on the Alberta road schedule for this weekend, I'm heading to the Swift Current Cycling Classic out in Saskatchewan. I've heard from some Saskatchewan racers that this is a fun, well-organized event that is becoming a "must-do" race on the calender. Four races in two days: a TT and RR on Saturday, Crit and Hill Climb on Sunday. Check out for info.

I'm staying with a friend who lives in a small town about 45 minutes south of Swift Current (he's also doing the race), and he's open to having a few other dudes and/or dudettes crash in his basement. I'd like to say I can offer transportation, but with two bikes, wheels, and gear stuffed into the back of my Ford Focus, space could be tight.


Dennis said...

Darcy you are so keen. Four races for only $55! They have a combined Cat 2/3 category, and also a Cat 6 for all events.

Anonymous said...

Darcy, I have exceeded my Co2 emmisions for the year driving all over the place western Canada for biking. I must now live in seclusion without heat or use of a combustion engines. Another 600km would kill my sense of environmnetal conciousness and my L5/S1 disk.
Best of luck out there! 3 more points to cat 4.. here they come.

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