Monday, May 23, 2011

Pigeon Lake Road Race (it's a 'go'!) UPDATED**

We just heard word that ERTC has opened Registration.

The particulars of the race can be found here!

Post in the comments if you are going like this:

Trev Cat2


Thomas said...

Thomas Cat3

Also looking for a carpool morning of race or carpool/roommate for night before race.

pls email:

Harley Borlee said...

Harley Cat3

Staying in Wetaskiwin Saturday night and looking for someone to go up with.


RobWoolley said...

See you there.

Anonymous said...

Tom Cat 5 - going up sunday morning

Thomas, you can come with me and alan

colombia es pasion said...

I quick QUESTION, I would like to race I just got my ABA license but the problem is I haven't got my uniform yet, What can I do?

Andres P

DarcyG said...

Darcy Cat5

Darryl said...

Darryl Cat4, whose new license arrived just today!

Andres, I have a couple of jerseys from last year. You could wear one if necessary. Mens small club cut 3/4 length zip, mens medium racer cut full zip.

cyclingphysio said...

I'll be there, also looking to bum a ride that AM. I can provide kick a** espresso for the early morning cobwebs.

running_on_ice said...

Brice Cat 5

I can probably provide a ride. Leaving in the morning. You may have to "endure" a home cooked meal by my mom in Red Deer on the way home though.


James T Curran said...

I'll be heading up too, just got my ABA lic and entry sorted in the last ten mins. Anyone able to lend a ST jersey, or will I be ok without. Headed up Sunday morning also.

Ferenc said...

Ferenc Cat5
Can offer a ride, or happy to catch a ride (Sunday only) just to kill the time on the long drive. E-mail:

JayR said...

Jay - Cat 5. Will see everyone at the Cat 5 pre-race warm up/strategy session.

Carl Miiller said...

I'm heading up the morning before the race and I'm bringing two extra Medium Club Cut jerseys.

Will consider taking a carpooler willing to leave from Tuscany.

Carl Cat 4

Anonymous said...

James. I have some medium jerseys but I doubt they would fit you. I'll bring them regardless.

Andres, what category are you riding? I don't see you on the confirmation list for the race.

Looks like a very strong Cat 5 group for us. I count 7 of us all who have the legs to be in the top 10. Meet by my trailer for a warm up and strategy discussion before the race.

Robert said...

Robert Cat 4 - pack fodder
Driving up Sunday
Have room in my Truck

Reinier said...

Darcy, I thought you upgraded to 4, no?

Steve P said...

So apparently there is a cap on this race. Arrrgggghhh.

cyclingphysio said...

I'll bring an extra jersey too in case there is a need.

DarcyG said...

No, I'm actually three points short. There was a miscalculation.

Carl, is there still room in your vehicle?

Carl Miiller said...

Lets meet at Tuscany Starbucks at 6:30am. Should get us there by 9:30am.

Email me if you want to make other plans:


Dennis said...

Dennis Cat2

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