Sunday, May 15, 2011

Penticton - Day One

170km - Log it! Anarchist didn't stand a chance. Out of 17 riders, 16 made it to Mr. Sasquatch as Brent saved himself for Apex. The ride to Osoyoos was tame but a good spin warm up before the climb. We met up with Godfrey and Trev in town and they joined the group up Anarchist after competing in the Oliver triathlon. The descent was super fun as always with Mike H. and Carson riding their top tubes to super sonic speeds and giving Ryan a slight heart attack each time they tucked into position. After returning to Osoyoos, the group split with some of us booking it back to Penticton, while the others lunched at Timmies. Tomorrow we're heading to Naramata Bench and then up to Chute Lake. I'm tired and can't type anymore.

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