Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sunday ride women's race report

Sunday was a beautiful day to spend on the bike on some of the best roads the Calgary area has to offer. Clear skies and mountain views inspired us to show the guys what we are made of.

5 women joined the club for the 65km route. Tomo, Lel, Cathy, Cheryl and myself road together for a blissful 3 hours......though bliss might be an over statement. The ride begins with the road to Nepal! Basically, I was in the hurt box for the entire ride. Those girls are strong and they all took turns pulling me to the finish. I really appreciate the encouragement from our team mates at these rides....and just a bit of heckling to keep me honest.

As I said, the ride started with some serious climbing. The club rode together for that section. I had Lel pace me for most of it. Then Ferenc showed up to motivate me up the final climb to catch up with the group. He was so quiet approaching me that I was startled by his "Hello Marcy, how are you doing?". I think he had to stop pedaling for quite some time to match my speed!

We continued to ride with the guys until the Millarville turn off. Once alone, the girls really turned it on! We worked in a double pace line when it was safe (so we could chat of course) then a single pace line when the speed picked up. Our group splintered a bit on the downhills then everyone regrouped when needed. Cheryl tucked into her arrow position on the downhills and blasted past me only to leave me to suffer even more up the next climb.

We would still be out there if it weren't for our navigator Cathy. She directed us throughout the route and even showed us a new way back that avoids the noisy highway 22x. Thank you Cathy for getting us back to civilization.

Tomo gave an impromptu lesson on increasing watts to power up the climbs....sorry guys, this is top secret. Let me just say that she is a pilates instructor. I have said too much already....core work anyone?

Lel was the first back to the meeting point with Tomo right on her wheel. Cherly and I worked together up the last climb while Cathy road home.

We stuck around and waited for the guys. Yep, I just said WAITED for the guys! Then the entire group shared stories and laughs about the amazing day out on the road.

I look forward to seeing you all at the next ride! Let's get even more women out to show off our new team kit.

p.s. I heard from Thomas and his crew that Jennifer (our newest member) joined them for a bit at the start of their shortcut route to catch the main group. Sorry we missed you Jennifer.

Until then ride lots,

Dr. "Quads" Kimpton.


Lelly Matthews said...

What do I have to do to get Tomo's top secret tips for hill climbing? She leaves us in the dust on every hill....

rankincathy said...

What an awesome day. Thanks ladies for dragging me along. I definitely need to learn how to accelerate!!!

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