Thursday, May 19, 2011

Penticton Day 5: Mt. Baldy and pulling the chute

Day 5 has come and gone and the only thing I have to show for it is beating Marilyn up to the gravel on the Mt. Baldy climb. During the ascent I totally pulled the chute. My knees hurt, my quads are bricks, and after 40km of easy riding, nothing about me was warmed up and ready to tackle the Mt. Baldy loop to Osoyoos, let alone the 16km climb to the gravel section. So, after establishing my hill climbing dominance to Marilyn, I met up with Mark who had bike issues and then proceeded to call Carson (with confidence) and had him pick us up just north of Oliver.

In other news, while Mark and I were riding north to meet Carson (he’s nursing a really bad- and slow- Achilles), a motorcyclist lost control coming towards us and fell off his bike. He slid straight and the bike crossed our lane and into the ditch. He got through it without a scratch and then Mark and I took a deep breath. And then I napped. That was my day. It was nice.

Mike H, Mike G, Thomas, Trev, Carl and Harley continued on the loop to Osoyoos. Another group headed back down to Oliver and then onto Osoyoos where they were going to try and climb Anarchist and beat the Mt. Baldy loop group to the summit. Cheryl and Carolyn went into Oliver for lunch and then meandered their way back to Penticton via White Lake Rd. One other group did the Naramata Bench ride again to recover from yesterday’s Ironman Loop. Guys, fill us in on the rest of the rides today and how everything went down. How did the “Race to the Summit” finish? How was lunch in Oliver? Did anyone else nap?

Tomorrow is Summerland and Giant’s Head…and most likely a lengthy coffee shop stop for some of us. We head out from Denny's at 9 a.m. Brent, you're coming with us tomorrow, right? Right??? Be cool.

Check out the Garmin file. That is some serious elevation gain!

From the Desert of Oliver!

To the snowy landscape of Mount Baldy! 27km of climbing later.

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