Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Sunday Ride Report

We had 18, I mean 19 no it was 21 people show up for Sundays ride. Cats of all sorts showed up. I think there were 5 women and a crew of cat 3, 4 and 5's. A couple of guys who didn't have time for a full ride just did the hill climb at the start and turned around. If you haven't done the Road to Nepal, the hills are long enough to cause you real suffering. Just doing the hills is good training.

The ride left precisely at 9:31. We had 18 people at that point. As the ride progressed, other guys magically showed up. Out of nowhere Dave pulls up beside me, then with Swiss timing, Thomas and his band of brethren appeared at Plumbers road and 768 just as the lead group was passing by.

The ride was super fun. We had a huge pace line of 12 or so going heading west. It took a few rotations before we got it smoothed out. Before I knew it we were cruising along at 37kph with no effort. You need to experience that to know what it's like.

The turn heading north is where the beating began. The lead group was mashing it up the hills at 5000 watts. Brother Stephen was up front making sure that the pace up the hills was, well, relentless. That left a small band of souls to make all attempts to bridge up. At one point there were three of us; me, Darcy and Jay working a rotation at full speed. No kidding, we were a smooth, well oiled machine pounding back the miles at breakneck speed. If I had a heart condition of any kind, it would have reared it's head at that point.

The last 30 km saw Thomas with a flat which allowed everyone a rest and Rob W. to catch on. He had some sort of leg failure early on and was on his own for much of the ride.

Those who had something left in their legs put on some machismo surges at the end. My legs were cooked like a marshmallow at a boy scout jamboree but still managed a surge or two. I'm still in rehab.

I am away for the next few weeks so someone needs to post a weekend ride in my stead. The training effect is awesome but you also ride with your team mates and learn who to be with and how to make it happen race day.

How about a ride report from the women!


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