Saturday, May 7, 2011

Wildcat Roubaix RR

Holy tough course! One of us will post a race report soon, but I bet most feel like me, like I just got mauled by a bear ... or a Wildcat ??

Here a good shot of some of the racers today. Good work everyone!


Steve P said...

Can't wait for a race report. I rode the course with Clarke on Friday (as we weren't able to make the race) - it was killer!

Francis said...

i am a fairly cautious racer, but I let out most of my effort; the last hill before the finish, my right knee started acting up a little; that woman passed me and beat me to the line...but it was a pretty good course - should of brought my triple - chain ring racing bike! for the hills - double chain ring stalled up on those climbs

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