Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Lots going on this weekend.

First though: Wednesday night race series starts up this week and it's time to hammer!
Second though: Show up to TnT and take advantage of the experience! Same place, same time every week.

May 7th Road Racing:

Wildcat Roubaix. Keith rode the course last weekend and said the gravel sections are hardpacked and hammerable. No drifting like on the PR course. Time for the first real race of the season!

May 7th MTN bike racing:

Mtn bike race at COP put on by Xterra.

May 7th and 8th:

Learn to ride the track. Free course put on by BiciSport. Learn about it here. FREE.

May 8th:

Learn to Road Race clinic put on by the ABA. FREE.

That PLUS all the scheduled group ride. Check the training forums for posted rides.


Darcy G said...

Plus, me and Tom Kenny are heading out to Saskatchewan to represent STC at the Moose Jaw Spring Classic May 7 and 8.

Jason said...

I'll be racing the Wildcat Roubaix on Saturday. Anyone else planning on racing it? Also, who's going up for the Velocity race and where are you staying?

Happy riding!

Jason Cat3

Thomas said...

I'm racing Wildcat.

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