Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Banff Accomodation

Hey Team,

I've looked into a deal we may be able to get for Banff for the Friday and Saturday night The Banff Centre has offered to give us rooms for $150 a night which are much cheaper than their going rate and much nicer than what you would pay $150 for somewhere else in Banff.

I've asked for 8 rooms and I'm waiting to hear back from the hotel for confirmation on all of this but I need to know who would be interested in taking the deal. Leave a comment here as soon as you read this to let me know.

Google the Banff Centre and check it out...the place is classy, we'd look like a pro team for 2 nights.



Darcy G said...


Is this for Thursday/Friday or Friday/Sat?


Scott G-C said...
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RobLukacs said...

It was for Friday/Saturday. Since I haven't heard back from anyone yet I'll assume people have already made arrangements for accomodation.

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