Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dallas has won RAW

It's Official. Canadian Dallas Morris has won RAW. He made it within the time limit and can be proud of his ride. Well done Dallas!
Phone Convo with Dallas Morris
I gave Dallas morris a call as soon as I heard he won the race. Dallas, overcame great obstacles and had a lot of support from friends and family to compete in the Race Across the West. It was a lot of fun to meet him in Oceanside and watch him win his first real ultra-endurance bicycle race. Stone: Congratulations, we are all going to sing O’Canada and drink beer in your honor tonight. RAW Champion Dallas Morris: Thanks, Perry, we turned it into a bit of a ride. Everyone else dropped out so we pulled in at the top of the mountain last night and had a bit of a party dancing under the stars. Stone: You crazy Canuck, you should have drove hard for the net! RAW Champion Dallas Morris: Naw, I was pretty beat up, wanted to savior it, Joe Mann dropped yesterday and suddenly it was there. We are going to have a few beers today though. Stone: Great we are in Kansas covering the race between Robic and Wyss. It is an all out brawl. You should be in this next year. RAW Champion Dallas Morris: Maybe Stone: I’ll call you then, but not before. RAW Champion Dallas Morris: Bastard! Stone: Have a great time, you deserve it, you won a heavyweight fight, last man standing, Good on ya! RAW Champion Dallas Morris: Thanks, Perry

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Dallas Finished: 1044.1 miles - RAW completed!!
3Day 18H 37 Min

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Anonymous said...
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Joel said...


Go DalRock!!

Brent said...

your the man Dallas, I hope I can wake up in the morning and congratulate you on an epic epic journey. The look on your face is priceless.

BikingBakke said...

Dallas - congrats and looking relaxed in the photo!

RobLukacs said...

congratulations dallas!! great form!!

RobWoolley said...

Dallas! ROCK ON! Congrats on an epic effort, you're one tough mofo.

Joel said...

Congrats Dallas! Amazing effort and still looking good at the finish line!

Jason said...

That was awesome Dallas!

Love the picture of you chowing down on the cookies in the Velonews story.

What a great experience!


DalRock said...

Thanks everyone!
I'm here in Taos and just kickin back waiting for my junk to grow back... that was an epic ride!. Just under 67 hours of riding... near 30 hours of siteseeing, eating and sleeping in the ditch.
amazing, just an amazing route... so tough. so tough. just brutal.

wow. I'm still in awe of the sights.

Lockie said...

Wooooo!! Awesome work. We're all super stoked for ya, dude.

Scott G-C said...

Way to go Dallas.

Darcy G said...

Congrats! Awesome showing!

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