Monday, June 1, 2009

Pigeon cat 3 recap

What a race! Firstly of course, I hope Trev and the other guy at the hospital, Andrew Davidson, heal up super quick. The other dude had a broken shoulder blade with some other complicating fractures...crap.

The Speed Theory cat 3 team had a great race. The game plan formulated by team chief Keith was to cover attacks and make other teams work more than us, resting Ben and I for the finish. Worked like a charm! Keith, Stephen, Jason, and Ryan did some great work at the front, getting in breaks and not working, and having other teams surge around the peleton to catch up, while we rolled up to them.

"Saving it for the finish" means something different to Ben and I: when Keith asked Ben to go to the front to help Jason, who'd be doing some hard yards at the front, at around 40km to go, Ben promptly attacked and went on a solo breakaway for the win! What a machine!

I duked it out with a couple of dudes on the home stretch, getting beat by two guys (Bill Quinney (Synergy) and according to the ABA results, Kobe Davis (Cafe Racers)) to take 4th. I'm stoked to have a half-decent finish finally, and super-stoked that our team got the win as well...hats off to the hard work of my team mates!! Big shout-out to Jason, who had the guns on game day and worked his ass off for the team the whole race.

It's great to hear all the different reports of each category, so get posting!


Joel said...

You're a tank Jason. Nice work on the solo breakaway Ben...impressive stuff.

RobLukacs said...

I'd post something for the Cat 4's but all I could tell you is that the first 17km was nice and relaxed, I was braking going uphill (!!!!!) and as soon as my Iron Horse legs step into an ascent I blasted my chain apart.

The ride back to the Community Hall from a stranger after I pushed my bike 5km with one leg like it was a skateboard was also nice.

Good job to the 4's who made it all the way was a long race and I'm disappointed I couldn't be there to help out.

Jason said...

Thanks Joel - Big time congrats on your 3rd place, awesome!

I have to say that this was the best race I've been involved with from a team tactics perspective. The Cat3 team rocked the field and covered every break that tried to get up the road.

It was awesome to see Ben drift away from the field and have the team block any attacks to bridge. My hat's off to Ben for pulling through on the win.

An aside, Stephen Kenney flatted at the 10kms or so mark and put in the big effort to get back to the pack with a junior geared rear wheel... man, I thought Lance spun a fast cadence!

Can't wait for the next race - Congrats to the team - never been so happy after a race!

J to the W

Thomas said...

Congrats to Cat 3 on an awesome show of team work and a stellar solo victory for Ben.

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