Friday, June 26, 2009

Mock 20km ITT - Updated with route

For those not going to Devon. I want Tanya to do a very hard 20km ITT on Sat. morning at 10:30am starting from the corner of Country Hills and Rocky Ridge road. We will ride the 10km circuit as warm up then hit it. It would be cool if a few guys came out to push her/ be carrots. If you are not going to Devon, this would be good to stay sharp. Slayer Dan will be there, but his mind will be on the Slayer/MegaDeath Canadian Carnage concert he will be going to that night. I think he will do the ITT in his 1990 Clash of the Titans concert shirt.

Here is the route of the ITT we will do 2 times on Sat. starting at 10:30.

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Anonymous said...

I'll show up. Wanna try something new.

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