Saturday, June 6, 2009

Lord of the Ring (Road) ... updated with photos

Congratulations to Chris McNeil (H&R Block/Kona) for winning overall with authority over teammate Gideon Krishtalka and Speed Theorist Alex Shaw who rounded out the top three.

Tanya Soloman (SpeedTheorist) invited all to 'Step into the Ring' and slayed all the women to post a time that would have got 3rd in Cat 3. She beat the next women by an astonishing 5minutes.

Very notable times were Joshua Krabbe from Cat5 who was all about suffeRING today and would have received prize money for 3rd in Cat2.

Great photos from Satnam Sidhu here and Torin Segstro here. Also photos from Nicole Burnham here. Thanks to Satnam, Torin, and Nicole for taking such awesome shots of our event.
Calgary Herald article here.


Mark said...

Congrats Trev! Two for two on the week. Thanks for all of your hardwork. Unfortunately I think I may be in trouble with my results.

Jason said...

Trev and crew - awesome one of a kind venue, crazy weather and a fabulous turn-out on a sketchy day. My hat's off to all that volunteered and helped out. It was a great race!

Timothy said...

Props to Lockie for his first official race win since beginning cycling 18 months ago, and to Trev and his team for setting it up.

Darryl said...

So here's part of what's awesome. This was my first ever sanctioned race. The first two laps were perfect to go hard and gauge what effort you might maintain. The third was good for a first-level diagnostics system check. Then you could just hop up onto the rivet and suffer for 3 more. There was enough space to accommodate everyone on the course, but there were enough riders that there was usually someone around to try to catch or to try to hold off.
On the last lap coming home I found myself drooling out of both sides of my mouth while being pelted by hail and listing about 10° to starboard into the wind. Magnificence!

Dan said...

Just finished clicking through the slide show, there are some awesome shots of all of the riders. There could have been more shots of the most tattooed member of the team though!

Good job everyone!

I know everyone is cheering each other on about their effort, yah cool. Did anyone notice how fast Rick, Carl and Rob took down the start ramp! They are going to get called in to a stock car pit crew for sure.

Have a safe week of training and I'll see most of you on Wednesday or Wasa.

Slayer Dan

Marc Morin said...

It as a great event for sure, congrats to everyone who came out. This was my first TT, I did not rip it up, but was a great experience. The photos are great, but only seem to be of the most tattoos. Satnam, as a first timer I would LOVE to get some mug shots if available... Any chance you will post all the photos?

Marc Morin said...
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Thomas said...

I put a link to Torin's photos on this posting.

Scott G-C said...

I just want to remind everyone that the camera adds 10-15 lbs. This is for when you are looking at pictures of me.


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