Monday, June 29, 2009

Speed Theory Tour de France- Jason Lapierre Scholarship Fundraising


Hi All Cycling Enthusiasts, and People Willing to Support a Great Cause:

**OPEN TO ALL**, spread the word!!

This year's TdF has the makings to be remembered as a Very Special One.

Three previous Yellow Jerseys to defend their honor, Sastre, Contador , and Lance (nuff said)..

What better way to follow some great cycling, watch history unfold, and support a great cause (Jason Lapierre Scholarship Fund) by taking part in Speed Theory's 2009 TdF Pool.

Attached is the link (copy and paste, hopefully you can access it) to the Spread Sheet. if not email: Title : TdF Pool

Prizes will be awarded to top 5 (potentially more), with the Grand Prize being a FULL TAX RECIEPT for entire entry fees!!

Pick all stage winners, Overall GC , Best Sprinter and King of Mountain winner PLUS

the daily stage battle between Alberto Condator vs Lance Armstrong!!

This is the Super Bowl, Stanley Cup, and soap opera on wheels!!

SUPPORT A GREAT CAUSE, enter for only $20, pool closes July 4


Kyle Marcotte said...

Awesome Andrew!

I plan on entering two teams and I guarentee victory.

Bruce said...

Ummm, how many times have you won in the past??

Kyle Marcotte said...

I just submitted teams for Kelly, Hal, Jill & myself. (but I took us out of the "early-bird" entry prizes).

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