Wednesday, June 24, 2009

CLOTHING (the second sequel)

Because of the investment in clothing by a lot of our race team, I am going to guarantee that we don't change the kit for next year. So barring Champion-Systems going bankrupt or doing something totally lame, we will be keeping the same kit for 2010. Also, this is quite a drain on my time, therefore, if you want winter clothing, this may be the time to order it. I got the fleece bib tights with Chamios and they are really nice. The 'Winter' jacket on the spreadsheet is the one you have seen me in with little white dots everywhere. It is really nice and I have been happy with it.

Here is the spreadsheet. Follow the instructions
ASAP. The cut off is Thursday at 5pm. Forever hold your peace if you miss the deadline. This was a bonus round.

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Matt Mackay said...

Thanks for all the work you do Trev! its appreciated by many!

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