Monday, June 22, 2009

Devon SR - same courses as 2010 Road Nationals

We've barely got our bikes out of the car from the Banff SR and the Devon SR is already coming up fast.

According to the ABA website, these will be the same courses for the Edmonton 2010 Road Nationals, so you might want to consider attending this race if you are planning to attend Nationals next year.

I'll be going for the HC, ITT and RR. Anyone else going?


Clarke E said...

I'll be there for all four events but not in preparation for nationals as I'm just a lowly Cat 5 aspiring to be even nearly as cool as our Cat 4s, let alone anyone higher.

I hope to see you all out there!

Lockie said...

Keith and I are going.

You should see whether that last room at the motel in Devon is taken...I think it's the Key West Inn.

Kyle Marcotte said...

I'll be up there as well.

Brent T said...

when I called Key West Inn the other day they only had 2 smoking rooms left. Super 8 in Leduc had space 112 after tax with an AMA card.

(new to Cat4 topilko)

Kyle Marcotte said...

Devon is a very short drive from the west of Edmonton.

Dennis said...

The hotels north of Leduc are about 12 miles away from Devon and have supermarkets and restaurants nearby. Alternatively there are hotels in West Edmonton near Stony Plain Road and 178 Street which are about 16 miles away from Devon. I'm staying with my mom near WEM and it takes me about 20-25 minutes to get to Devon from there.

BTW, one clarification about the 2010 Nationals: these are the courses for Nationals Masters categories... the Elite RR is usually in a different and more prominent location (probably Groat Road in Edmonton).

Lockie said...

Great to see lots of dudes are hitting Devon!

I agree that smokey rooms are a bit gross, BUT a) why drive back and forth for four races, when you can cruise back on your bike to your in-town hotel? and b) the community of Devon is wicked enough to get behind this we should return the favour and sleep/eat in town.

David said...

I'll be there for all four races. Looking for a roommate/carpool.

Clarke E said...

I just booked a double room for Friday and Saturday night at the Key West in Edmonton. She said it was non-smoking, so hopefully that's true. $94/night.

You can stay with me David. Unfortunately though I won't be able to carpool. I'll be in Edmonton Thursday and will just stick around rather than driving back home.

RobWoolley said...

Good Luck guys, I'm going to be busy getting faster than Darcy and Clarke, so rip it up for me.


David said...

Last call for a car pool leaving tomorrow afternoon?

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