Monday, June 22, 2009

Cat 5 Banff Bike Fest Report

As Lockie posted, a great weekend of racing was had by all who made the trip to Banff. Here's my completely biased report on how we Cat 5s faired:

93 Hill Climb:

Rob Woolley had the honour of starting BBF off, being the first rider on the climb. He held his lead for a couple of kms, when I took over for awhile. Then Pedalhead's Travis Eltom roared past me to take top spot on the podium. Rob finished the day 12th, Tom Kenny brought the style to end up 7th, Matt Mackay suffered to well earned 15th, and Andy Hill hammered to round out the ST crew in 18th spot. Yours truly was just out of the medals in 4th.


While the higher Cat's were sleeping, we Cat 5's were out dodging bighorn sheep. Again, Rob Woolley started off, followed by me. This time Rob held me off, but Travis Eltom proved he should be racing with the 4's, blowing by Cycle-Logic's Lorne D, then me, then Rob on his way to his second win in two days. Clarke Ellis was top ST dude in 8th, proving that one doesn't need to throw down big cash on a P3C to rock ITT's. He was followed by Rob W. in 11th, Steve Pickett in 14th, me in 16th, Tom in 18th, Kelly-Lynn in 24th, Mike Healy in 25th, Matt Mackay in 26th, Mark Shand 28th, Andy Hill in 33rd, Rui Reis in 36th, and Scott G-C bringing it home in 39th. David M. missed his start (but that's a story he needs to share). Overall, a great showing by Speed Theory Cat 5s on what is probably the nicest ITT course in the country.


This was the coolest crit course I've ever been on, and it was the first time Banff Ave. has been shut down for a bike race. Clarke E. proved yet again he's our man for the crits, staying with the finishing group for a well-earned 7th. By that time all the rest of us were cheering from the sidelines, unable to keep up with the pace Clarke and the other front men were pushing. Awesome work, Clarke. I think we all managed to stay upright as well, so Keith B. should be happy.

All in all, a great weekend in a great town. Good luck to all of you heading to Devon: I'm sitting this weekend out.


Kyle Marcotte said...

I would trade dodging the sheep for dodging the sheep AND tourists later on in the day. The tourists were less predictable.

Clarke E said...

That was an awesome day of racing. The organizers did a great job and it was really cool to have a whole block filled with people there to cheer you on.

I am particularly happy with my ITT performance, as Darcy says I guess you don't need to buy one of those fancy bikes for a course like that (although I'm still really jealous of those bikes).

If I hadn't messed up on one of the corners on the back stretch of the final lap on the crit causing to have to play catch up for half the lap, I would have had something left in me to actually try to contest to sprint. Oh well, I'll take an 8th and 7th any day.

Darcy's 4th in the HC was tops for Cat 5 though, must have been a suffer fest!

Also, great work to everyone else, especially for those that took part in the epic full stage race.

Lockie said...

Darcy, you're totally right. I bet my P3C, Trev's wheels and Rob's helmet had nothing to do with me beating my TT time from last year by 5 minutes, 29.7 seconds - it was all me! ;)

Scott G-C said...

Clark, need and want at not the same thing.

That was a great race. And even though I did end up in 39th or more importantly not last, (my goal for the ITT) I had a great experience racing.

I was passed by several competitors while climbing that first hill, and few times after that, but there was one guy when he passed me I just got it in my head that I was not going to let him beat me to the finish line. So I put on my suffer face. And just started pushing.

I am happy to say I caught him before the top of hill and I was able to stay out in front of him until the finish line. And it was the last time I was passed in the race. So even the race for last place can have its excitement.

Now for that crit, it was my first and definitively not the last. And that is some fast racing. And that is what made it so much fun, you just never get out and push yourself like that.

I know that allot of people worry about the crashes in a crit, but I would say it was not that bad. Hope I did not jinx myself for this Tuesday!?!

Darcy G said...

I chopped off over three minutes, and I just put on aerobars. If only I had a P3C, aero helmet, and carbon wheels. =) Actually, I'd be happy with a P1...

Scott, great show to push through the pain. I went through something similar at the 2007 Pigeon Lake RR. I got popped on the first climb, but told myself I was not going to finish last. Suffered like crazy, but caught a few people.

RobWoolley said...

I smell a challenge in the air gents, you're ON! Darcy and Clarke, you're marked men. ;-)

My P3C makes me look fast, whether I power it to be fast is another story. I do think we should put Clarke on it and see how he does. It was nice to see the huge digs put in by everyone in all the events. Personally, I was pretty happy to knock 2 minutes off my ITT. I will be at the tuesday crits starting next week, I seriously need help. Either I'm off the front or chasing like a fool.

I'd like to give a huge shout out to Scott. Scott and his family rocked the weekend hard. It's not about winning, it's about courage and Scott's got it by the boatload.

Thanks everyone for the great times this weekend.

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