Friday, June 26, 2009

TransAlps Update


The amazing thing about sport is that no matter where you are in the world, if you are doing a sport you have instant friends. I am writing from Sonthofen, Germany, a little town settled in the Alps. Today, we did a training ride with Ben who is cycling with Team Isreal. He was awesome riding down the middle of the road like he owned it, ignoring the cars leaning on their horns and grazing his shoulder as they zipped by him. Their lesson was lost on him. He was full of tips for Tracy and I. "Drink every 10 minutes!" as he led the way raising his bottle signaling it was time to take a drink. Ben is a true gentleman and at the end of the ride took us both for lunch. Something that I was totally impressive with about him was that he thinks men and women should start races together but on paper still compete against their respective categories. Cool thought. Incidently, this is the way they start the Transalps.

We have also been invited to Team Canada's party tonight. They are a group of about 30 guys from Vancouver who have been organized by a guy who holds 18 spots every year for this race. Something for Speed Theory to consider... So even though we are far from home, we have made some fast friends here and feel very at ease.

The riding is amazing here. Scenery breath taking. The roads are not too busy and the motorists are great about giving us room and waiting as we ride the corners on the switchbacks. They have these awesome pathways inbetween towns which makes it so easy to cycle from town to town. Lots of old people on their bikes here.

They love their carbs here. Holy cow, I have had more bread and pasta in the last 2 days than I have all year. I guess I am off my Berardi diet.

We get our accreditation tomorrow and get breifed on how things are going to roll. I can't wait to get going.

Truly, this is paradise. Can't believe I am here doing this race.

More to come.


DalRock said...

That's so awesome! would love to see that part of the world.
good luck!.

Anna-Marie de Zwager said...

so freaking stoked for you Marilyn! looking forward to the updates!

Mark said...

You said it was all about the food. I am glad the trip is living up to expectations. Keep the updates coming and good luck!

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